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  • Understand the simplicity of the swing
  • Understand the “Power Source.”
  • Understand the equipment
  • The Correct Posture
  • The Correct Grip
  • The Correct Alignment
  • Make correct swings from the start
  • Strike the ball
  • Swing with short irons
  • Swing with medium irons
  • Swing with long irons
  • Swing with woods
  • Putt
  • Chip
  • Play finesse wedges and pitches
  • Play bunker shots
  • Execute trouble shots
  • Draw the ball
  • Fade the ball
  • Play high shots
  • Keep the ball low
  • Have better ball control



I went for a putting lesson with Bryan Roelofsz. At the time I was the reining South African Amateur Champion. I was hitting the ball very well, but I was struggling to shoot low scores because of my putting. Bryan gave me a putting lesson where he worked on my alignment and stroke. It all made sense to me and a few days later I shot a course record of 62 at Rustenburg Golf Course because of the improvement in my putting. After I turned Pro, Bryan met me in Pretoria and we also worked on my swing. Bryan showed a caring attitude and taught with the obvious passion of a person that loves the game and enjoys seeing his pupils excel.

Ben Fouchee

PGA Professional

At first I did not understand the rationale behind the drills you gave me, and in fact thought pushing the ball into the hole was a worthless exercise!! Well, yesterday I played and I have never putted better. I had 28 putts in the round and made some incredible putts. However, more importantly, I am hitting the puts so solidly that they just do not go offline. Putts that do not drop finishes past the hole, obviously increasing my chances of holing putts dramatically. As for the chipping, I never had time to work on it before I went out, but following your advice and using your techniques ensured that I went up and down every time I missed a green.

Leon Roos


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